How do wasps assist farmers?



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    Wasps assist farmers by controlling the population of those pests which damage their crops. They are parasitic creatures that lay their eggs upon the bodies of insect hosts, such as caterpillars and cicadas, which is then provides food for developing wasps. This keeps the population of these detrimental insects to a minimum.

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    The type of wasp which is beneficial to farmers and the entire agricultural industry is the parasitoid wasp. They are very effective in controlling agricultural pest populations, at no cost to farmers and with no harm to the crop. They get most of the their food from nectar, so they get no nutrients from the crops. They are attracted to agricultural pests through the fragrance that is emitted when the saliva of a pest (say a caterpillar) mixes with the juice of the plant. They will then kill the pest and use it’s body as a nest for it’s own eggs.

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