How do volcanoes hurt the environment?



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    Every year volcanoes contribute about  1 percent (about 200 million tons   worth) of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere. What is more disruptive from volcanic eruptions is the sulfur dioxide that is added to the atmosphere from major volcanic events. Sulfur dioxide is a more potent greenhouse gas, in major volcanic event it can cause a cooling effect in the atmosphere due to the added layer of insulating gases that reflect solar radiation.  The gases emitted by volcanic eruptions have adverse health effects on humans, however they are often diluted to the point of harmlessness.

    Volcanic eruptions can seemingly destroy ecosystems, however, over the span of millions of years, ecosystems have come to adapt to volcanic events; in fact, they play a vital role for some ecosystems.

    Volcanic activity does affect the environment, however its effects pale in comparison to anthropogenic effects on the environment.       

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