How do vegans get their calcium intake?



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    Though the dairy industry would have you believe that milk is the only good source of calcium, the truth is that there are many animal-free alternatives. Any vegetables considered “greens,” including bok choy, broccoli, collards, cabbage, kale and okra, are a good start. Anything with soybeans and soynuts in it, including tofu, has a significant amount of calcium: there is even calcium-enriched tofu. And for a supplimentary (not the main) source of calcium, any fruits, vegetables and legumes work well.

    Vegans actually may get better calcium intake than meat-eaters, because they usually do not overconsume protein, which can cause the body to lose calcium.

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    Vegans have many good options to get the necessary amount of calcium each day.  Some may choose to take vegan calcium supplements, but many vegan foods are also good sources.  Vegans can turn to tofu, soy milk, soybeans, bok choy, broccoli, kale, and okra.

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    Most of the calcium supplements sold today are derived from limestone, so unless you know what to look for, the chances are that you’re swallowing things like citric acid, oyster shells, coral and stones.  This rock-sourced calcium can be difficult to absorb and can cause digestive problems.  But there’s another type of calcium that’s ideal for the vegan or vegetarian diet.  Plant-sourced calcium comes from an edible substance: algae.  A study shows that plant calcium can increase the growth of human bone building cells from 200 to 400% more than other types of calcium.  AlgaeCal is raw, unbleached, completely plant-based and the only USDA Certified Organic calcium available.  It is easy to digest, rich with other essential bone health minerals and ecologically harvested. 


    Be careful, though. There’s a brand out there that claims to be using AlgaeCal when it is NOT! Beware of New Chapter’s Bone Strength Take Care! They don’t have AlgaeCal, so you’re better off with Garden of Life RAW, which does.

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