How do urban gardens help the environment?



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    If you’re referring to public urban gardens, they help the environment the same way all plants do–they absorb CO2 and release oxygen. Flower gardens also add an aesthetic appeal to an otherwise drab-looking urban setting. Communal vegetable gardens in the city can also have the same effect while providing food to the locals at the same time.

    As for personal gardens in the city, they allow people to obtain fresh vegetables (and sometimes edible flowers) without going to the market. Personal gardens are encouraged because it means consuming less food that has traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to get to your plate and more food that you have grown just in your backyard. The impacts on the environment are much less because the food doesn’t have to travel.

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    Urban gardens also create a better human environment through beautification and by creating an activity around which communities can form or become more closely knit.

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