how do u level up on this site

and do sharks sleep



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    Two questions in one:)  About the level, I don’t remember exactly, but I think your karma has to get up to 50 before you get to Level 2.  After that it’s a bit further to Level 3.  I have yet to discover Level 4.  I think to raise Karma you can log in, ask, answer questions, or make comments.  

    Do sharks sleep?   We do know they have “inactive” periods but these are a bit different from maybe what we think of as “sleeping.”   Sharks may rest motionless at the bottom of a body of water.  If you’ve ever seen a nurse shark in a tank, they do this sometimes, but you can see their eyes still move.  It’s also theorized that some sharks shut off part of their brain (a sort of sleep) and can swim while unconscious.  

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