how do trees cause erosion



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    Generally speaking, trees do not cause erosion. In fact, trees are very helpful in preventing soil erosion, because they prevent rain drops from directly hitting the soil (softening the impact), their roots help to hold the soil in place, and soak up water so that the soil doesn’t become over-saturated. Trees also reduce wind erosion significantly much in the same way.

    Removing trees, however, may cause erosion.

    Here’s an illustration of how tree roots hold the soil together and soak up ground water.

    Tree roots holding soil in place

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    As far as I’m aware, the only way that trees can cause erosion is if they are cut down. Trees are actually great for controlling or at least helping to control erosion. Trees keep the soil in place so that it prevents soil movement. Trees also absorb some of the water from the soil, leaving it more packed together.

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