How do train stations in Europe harvest body heat?



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    Not every train station in Europe is doing this, but engineers have devised a way to lower utility bills by harnessing the body heat of travelers and shoppers in Stockholm, Sweden’s main train station. An estimated 250,000 people travel through the station each day, generating massive body heat. The engineers have developed a ventilation system that moves the heated air to underground tanks of water, which, once heated, become a viable energy source. The concept builds off that of the Mall of America in Minneapolis, which worked on the same principle, by also using the hot air to help heat a neighboring office building (which has seen its energy bill lowered by 20%).  

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    To continue edmccoy11’s explanation of how the ventilation system works, the water in the underground tanks is pumped through pipes to the Kungbrohuset office building about 100 yards away. It is then incorporated into the main heating system.

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