How do thrift stores help the environment?



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    Since thrift stores sell used clothing instead of new clothing, this means less material made in a factory and less clothing and plastic (you know, button, zippers, unfortunate shiny pants) simply thrown away. It follows the “re-use” part of “reduce, re-use, recycle.” Side benefit: you can find some amazing, unique pieces for cheap in thift stores!

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    Not only do thrift stores sell clothing, but they also sell lots of other reusable items that might otherwise go to a landfill: books, tables, shelves, computer monitors, knickknacks, dishes, etc.  So, the thrift store is able to make money from donations and also keep large items out of landfills.

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    Thrift stores are very important to the environment. Thirft stores are a recycling outlet for every individual regardless of class. You will always be able to buy and donate used materials to a number of thrift store locations in the area. A lot of times you are even able to recieve a tax write off for certain donations.

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    In addition to the thrift store reusing items that might otherwise end up in a landfill, thrift stores also curb fossil fuel use. Many times, thrift stores keep their donations local. A person donates items to their community thrift store, and the store sells those items within the same community. This cuts back on fossils fuels used for large-scale distribution and transportation like what happens with brand new items.

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