How do those big caverns form under ice?



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    Ice caves form beneath glaciers when melted glacial water runs through cracks and causes erosion in the glacier.

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    Glacier caves form mainly in two ways. The most common way is for a little bit of water to find its way into a glacier through a crack (called a moulin) in the ice.  The water, being a little bit warmer than the surrounding ice, will melt a small channel through the ice as it runs. Once the channel is there, more water will find its way inside, and the process continues, thus eventually creating a large cavern. A second way that glacier caves are formed is through volcanic processes. A small volcanic heat source under a glacier will melt a portion of ice, and the runoff then creates the process I just described. This type of glacier cave is found most often in Iceland, which is one of the few places in the world which is both heavily glaciated and also a volcanic hot-spot.

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