how do they put the rings in a bulls noses



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    When the bull is six to eight months old, the bull is put in a restraining device (called a head gate) and given a local anesthetic.  The ring has a hinge in it and is made of brass, and it is pounded through with a long steel rod.  

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    It’s better for the ringing to be done by a veterinarian. They have the proper tools for tranquilizing and pain relief. The Animal Welfare Act dictates that the bull should not feel pain.

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    They put the rings in bulls noses about the same way that people pierce their own bodies, just on a larger scale.  However, since the bulls arent volunteering to get their nose pierced, usually a vet will give local anaesthetic to the bull around its nose, and then pierce the nose so it doesn’t feel it (until later).  There are self piercing rings for noses, but there have been a lot of injuries reported from them as the bulls get very upset when they have a metal object shoved through their nose.

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