How do Tech companies become sustainable?



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    Tech companies can take steps towards sustainability by engaging in responsible energy use in the office, just like any type of company. Nokia is considered the world’s most sustainable tech company based on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. For years they have tried to reduce their environmental impacts through advancements in packaging, energy consumption, materials and manufacturing processes, and recyclability. Nokia also plans to move towards sustainability by reducing travel, investing in development of renewable energy technologies. They plan to increase their usage of green electricity over the next few years.

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    Tech companies, just like many other companies can take some steps towards becoming more sustainable. They can encourage their employees to bike to work or take alternative forms of transportation such as the bus or train. Companies should consider the amount of land they are paving over, and should consider having permeable pavement for parking if necessary and could donate some of their profits to create a local park. Having a green roof would help to mitigate some of the water runoff caused by paving an area, the company could even take an additional step in reducing runoff by creating a retention basin. Lighting is of course a major concern with buildings, using as much natural lighting such as sky lights is a good option and using energy efficient lighting where necessary will reduce energy consumption. Since companies do use electricity getting their electricity from renewable sources is the best option.

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    Tech companies wanting to be sustainable can do so by making effots to convert their non eco-friendly wastes to those that cannot harm the environment. For instance, some devices could be placed at smokestacks that release Carbon monoxide to disintegrate it to carbon and oxide or some elements added to it to alter the compound to a harmless state before it is released out of the chimney.

    The same could be done to wastes emanating from paint factories and others that release liquid wastes before they get to a water body.

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