How do Target and Walmart compare ethically?

Green or otherwise



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    Target, but only by a hair’s breadth.  Though Target does a much better job of promoting itself and presenting a positive image, the actual difference in practices between Walmart and Target are minimal.  Interestingly, though the general census seems to be that Target is better than Walmart, these arguments tend to be based on things like “the bathrooms are cleaner” and “the people that shop there dress better,” not “they treat their employees fairly” or “they have a better waste management policy.”  Overall, Target does have a slightly better policy concerning issues like waste, sustainability and employee treatment.  However, it still engage in many of the same unethical practices that Walmart does, such as paying its workers an extremely low hourly wage, not unionizing its workers, supporting child labor in foreign countries, and selling goods that are not sustainably produced and contain toxic chemicals.

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