How do tall buildings effect the environment?



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    The obviously use up a good deal of energy since there is so much going on inside the building to keep it running smoothly. It’s height will mildly effect the wind and could potentially be hazardous to birds if the windows are too reflective, but the buildings themselves as long as they stay where they are, do not do to much else to the environment, minus the resources it took the building the skyscraper in the first place.

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    Taller buildings are a key part of efficient urban development. If you compare tall buildings with the alternative, holding demand for space constant, one tall building is much more efficient than a sprawl of many smaller buildings. Dense development in areas that won’t increase demand on the highway system are a much more efficient development option than the continued expansion of exurbs and suburbs. Tall buildings, at least as a symbol of urban rather than suburban development, avert further expansion into relatively natural areas.

    Weirder, suburban expansion and urban sprawl have also been linked to obesity. Obesity isn’t often considered an environmental issue, but when you consider demand for food as something that interacts with the demand for animal life, how that animal life is treated, and how food is distributed between the first world and the third world, it becomes a bigger deal.

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