how do sunspots effect human activities?



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    Sunspots are caused by high areas of magnetic fields on the sun, which reduce the temperature of specific areas and result in sunspots. The magnetic field of a sunspot is 2500 times greater than the Earth’s magnetic field. 

    Sunspot activity is known to affect the Earth’s climate. Some scientists believe that reduced sunspot activity caused unusually low temperatures on Earth between 1645 and 1715, fondly called the “Little Ice Age.” 

    When plasma on the sun interacts with the sunspot on the surface, it results in bursts of plasma known as solar flares. The flares are made up of x-rays, energetic particles and magnetic fields which turn into geomagnetic storms. The geomagnetic storms affect radio signals and power grids, and can cause power surges and severe damage to satellites because of their electric fields. 


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