How do students have an effect on how green a college can be?



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    Environmental action groups have a huge effect on college campuses, and they are growing in popularity. I can only really speak for my college, so here’s an article to look at

    Basically at my college a student group helped obtain funding to create a revolving green fund. A certain amount of money is put into buying into green initiatives, then as those initiatives save money on electricity they can buy more green things.

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    There are more and more environmentally related student groups on college campuses. When enough people get together and push for an issue, the issue often gets resolved. Even single people can make a difference – if you’re a college student, try starting a group revolving around your environmental issue of choice. I myself had an effect on my college, UC Berkeley, by doing a research project on campus refrigerator energy consumption. Now, the administration is looking at my report and are trying to obtain money to replace older, inefficient refrigerators. Anything can happen!

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    Here are some things students can do to make their college more green;

    -Have their president sign the PCC
    -Start an environmentally themed club
    -start a revolving loan fund for green projects
    -Take advantage of vegetarian and vegan options at the dining halls.
    -Bike instead of drive around campus.
    -Take environmental classes.
    -Start a bottled water ban.
    -Push your dining services to buy more local and organic food.
    -get your administration to purchase RECs
    -have a dorm energy competition
    -participate in recyclemania
    -show your friends how to set up their dorm room in an eco friendly way.
    -start rally
    -enjoy outdoor activities.
    -get involved

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    I am the president of an environmental club at the school I go to and I can tell you that it is all about student support to get policy changes in the “greenness” of the campus. I go to one of the greenest campuses in the nation, that still can be improved greatly. We are trying to get composting done in all the dorm rooms and other things through student support.

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