How do small communities become more green and energy efficient?

If you find any websites on this topic, please share them with me. Thank You 🙂



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    A community garden is a great way to bring together a community and to be more ecofriendly. A community garden is land that is collectively gardened and harvested by the local neighborhood residents. Not only is the garden a great way to get fresh produce and promote food security, but it helps to unify a community thereby potentially reducing the likelihood of crime in that area.  

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    There are a number of ways that small communities can become more green. To start, they should assess the amount of energy they use, and what they use it on. By writing out all the calculations, town officials can see where they need to make cuts and brainstorm ideas to diminish energy use. Most communities probably have town halls with energy departments. They are likely required to post energy-use summaries, but if not, you can probably request to see them.

    Another thing small communities can do is start a recycling program. Make sure to get people involved. In my town, there’s a recycling program, but not everyone recycles. You can also host environmental fairs and with some legal paperwork, create historic preservations. As the previous poster said, community gardens are also great for the environment. Whatever you do, you should make sure to get the entire community involved.

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    I found the two sites linked below to be helpful. The first is a general outline stating that in order to be influential in making a green community you have to be a part of it, and so does everyone else.  Buying local, and commuting by mass transit is both green and encourages you to get to know people in your town. 

    Join in already established green organizations with local chapters, or create your own!  As Ghandi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

    Creating a little competition can be a big motivator, friendly of course.  Green rivalry can get people eager to keep up with the Jones’s. 

    Anyway, the two sites below have a lot of other websites you can link to, with more specific ideas on community change.

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