How do scientists tell male and female dinosaurs apart?



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    Scientists have many ways for determining the gender of dinosaurs. They use sexual dimorphism, which is the difference in size and apperance between adult males and females of a given species. They use these rather than genetalia, because it is easier to examine from fossil records. While the evidence is uncertain because fossil records are few and far between and its more challenging to examine secondary sexual characteristics from such records, they still have determined that female dinosaurs tend to have larger hips. In terms of T-rexes it seems females in general were larger in size than males. Male dinosaurs also tend to have more frills, the  protoceratops is a good example of this. It does vary on a genus by genus basis though. 

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    To add on to lilykosmicki’s excellent answer, I would just like to say that scientists determine how wide the hips are by looking at the pubic bone. The pubic bone is the large bone that your hips are made of and to which your legs attach. Your genitals are inside of your pubic bone before you’re fossilized.

    Generally, females of the species tend to have wider pubic bones with larger spaces in between, and they tend to be angled a little differently from male pubic bones. This is all to aid in giving birth to new baby dinosaurs!


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