how do scientists learn about nature



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    Most of science is just observation! In order to learn about plants and animals, scientists will often try to observe them in their natural habitat, to see how they affect each other, and different ways they will reproduce, or defend themselves. In addition scientists will grow plants in a controlled environment in order to learn more about them. Scientists will also dissect the dead bodies of animals in order to learn about their anatomy, eating habits, and what happens as they age. Unfortunately, scientists haven’t figured how to ask plants or animals questions, so they’re forced to simply find them in the wild and watch them live.

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    Scientists learn about nature the same way they learn about anything else: through observation, extrapolation, and experimentation. Study is first done through just watching to see what nature will do in certain circumstances. From the information gathered, scientists will extrapolate on what is known to try and fill in what they don’t know, known as making an educated guess. From these assumptions, scientists will then will test their theories through experiments in a controlled manner to see whether they are right or wrong in their guesses. After experiments are concluded, scientists determine right guesses as facts and wrong guesses as simply wrong and start the process over again.

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