how do scientists learn about nature



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    Here is an example of scientists who learned from nature to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

    In general, scientists learn by following the scientific method, the first step of which is observation.

    The standard model for the scientific method is:

    1. Observation
    2. Define Problem
    3. Propose Hypothesis
    4. Gather Evidence
    5. Test Hypothesis
    6. Reject or Retain Hypothesis
    7. Develop Theory

    Still, though, it will vary from scientist to scientist.

    “ [the working scientist] is … not consciously following any prescribed course of action, but feels complete freedom to utilize any method or device whatever which in the particular situation before him seems likely to yield the correct answer. No one standing on the outside can predict what the individual scientist will do or what method he will follow. In short, science is what scientists do, and there are as many scientific methods as there are individual scientists.”

    Percy W. Bridgman – From: On “Scientific Method” in Reflections of a Physicist, 1955

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