How do scientists determine a dinosaur color scheme?



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    We do not know the exact color that a dinosaur was because skin is not preserved in fossil. However, scientists have an idea of the habitat where dinosaurs lived and can look at relatives of plants that are alive today. They also consider lizards that are alive today. Basically, they assume that the dinosaur would have needed to blend into their surroundings, or be camouflaged. Then they choose colors that fit into the habitat, like greens and browns.

    Of course there are animals in the wild that have very wild colors, like dart frogs and bees. However, many of these animals have other means of protection, like they have poison to defend themselves and their colors are warning signs. We do not have information suggesting that dinosaurs had similar defenses, so it is assumed that they blended in with their surroundings.

    However, the colors assigned to dinosaurs are just guesses.

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