How do salamanders reproduce?

Do they lay eggs?



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    Yes, salamanders lay eggs but it depends on which family they come from. The Plethodontidae (Redback salamander) lay eggs on land, usually in cavities of decaying logs or organic matter. They usually lay eggs in spring and females lay between 3 to 12 large eggs. The Ambystoma family (Spotted salamander) lay their eggs in aquatic environments in the late winter/early spring. Females deposit on average 125 eggs. The development of the eggs of the different families are different.

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    Some salamanders, unlike many other species in the Class Amphibia, reproduce internally rather than externally. A mate is selected, then the male passes sperm to the female internally. Some salamanders lay their eggs on land, others do so in aquatic environments. Reproduction varies slightly between species of salamanders – for more information on specific salamander types, visit the site below.

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