How do the republicans and democrats differ in their beliefs towards climate change?



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    The website below is excellent in terms of portraying where democrats and republicans differ on the subject. Republicans essentially believe that either global warming is not real or that it is exaggerated. They also tend to believe that the warming of the earth is more nature driven than human driven. Democrats tend to disagree on those subjects. 

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    It is fair to say that the majority of Republicans are not as concerned with global warming as the Democrats are.  That doesn’t mean that all Republicans don’t believe that climate change is real, it just means that climate legislation is far from top on their list of things to accomplish.  Many Republicans do, however, believe that global warming is purely a natural process, ignoring the vast amount of scientific evidence that says otherwise. Human practices are unquestionably speeding up the process. Democrats tend to be more environmentally minded, and climate legislation is usually very important to them. 

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    While I understand the tenor of the question, I do think it’s dangerous to say “Republicans generally believe this …” and “Democrats generally believe this …”  Checking their voting record would be the most accurate way to assert how someone in office feels about a particular issue.

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    Although the democrat may seem much more towards conserving the enviroment than the republicans, they are both terrible. Democrats are much more conservative and for the establishment than we are led to believe. They are better in terms in passing meaningless laws that have little to no effect in protecting thethe future world of our children

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