How do religious groups show where they stand on green beliefs?



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    Well it is different for every religion, and branch of that religion.  There are some religions, like certain sects of Buddhism, that live off the land.  Try to make as little impact as possible.  Really try to find the beauty in the Earth (for example the buddhists in Bhopal).

    Then on the extreme other side, there are some religions that don’t believe in climate change at all (This is actually believed by many Christians) 

    So it is not really the Religion per-say that shows its beliefs, it more of the individual beliefs of the people who follow the religion.  Made visible by their actions and words. 

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    Sometimes religious groups form certain networks for environmentalists among them. For example, you can websites online such as and the Evangelical Environmental Network at Environmental Muslims have made great strides in recent years to push for a green Hajj and a green Ramadan (see links below). In ways like this, religions practitioners worldwide can unite with each other for a common cause.

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