How do recycling centers make money?



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    A recycling center makes money by selling back its recyclable goods to other companies who reuse them for their own products.  For example, Anheuser-Busch buys used aluminum cans in order to turn them into Bud and Bud Light cans.  Many recycling centers pay people for bringing recyclable things such as cans, copper, ink and toner cartridges, and even cell phones.  You can even make money through battery reconditioning.  Therefore, the profits are not just made by the recycling centers alone – money can be made by people acting on their own as well, whether its by starting your own at-home recycling business, or just by recycling on a personal basis.  Please see the links attached for more information.

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    Recycling centers can also break recycled objects into component parts, which they would then sell — dumps and centers that break down totaled vehicles work much the same way.

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    Recycling centers, as well as landfills and waste-to-energy facilities, have tipping fees that help generate income as well. The tipping fees from center to center vary and are generally by weight. An example I found online is at Centre country Solid Waste Authority of Pennsylvania where they charge $1.00 for 100 pounds of recyclables.

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