How do rain gauges work?



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    There are three main types of rain guages:  a standard rain guage, a tipping bucket rain guage, and a weighing guage.  A standard rain guage catches rainfall through a funnel and collects it in a tube.  The tube magnifies the rain 10 times, so precise measurement down to one-hundreth of an inch can taken.  A tipping rain guage catches rainfall in a funnel, but it leads the water into one of two buckets.  The first bucket fills at one-hundreth of an inchand ‘tips’ the rain guage, and this shift is electronically registered.  The weighing guage is most accurate because it uses a vacuum effect that takes wind into account.  More rain enters as a weighing mechanism at the bottom of the guage measures depth and time.  This too is electronically recorded.

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