how do porcupines mate



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    Very carefully! Just kidding.

    In reality, porcupines mate just like a lot of other four-legged mammals. The male porcupine approaches the female from behind (anyone who has been to a dog park knows how this goes). Both parties flatten their quills so as to not cause injuries.

    The really weird part about the porcupine mating ritual comes before the actual mating. Males do a mating dance for the females, and spray urine on the female’s head to get her in the mating mood (luckily, this is NOT a common dog park occurrence). 

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    The urine also helps soften the quills so they’re less likely to stick the male when he gets close, and while Kayceeann was joking about them doing it carefully, she was also correct. They spend a relatively long time in courtship, and the female is only truly fertile for a few short hours.

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