How do poor countries treat asthma?



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    For poor developing countries, like those in Africa, the problem with treating many health problems is a lack of accessibility to any kind of medicine. Even holistic methods of treating asthma require the use of vitamin supplements, herbs, and nutrition, that again, may or may not be available. The problem with poor countries and inaccessibility lies in international policy. Countries in Africa, for example, only have access to 2% of the world trade. The money that these countries do make is spent paying off debts to the United Nations for old regimes that do not even exist anymore.

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    In many poor countries including parts of Europe, North Africa, Middles East, and Central Asia, there is a simple practice that keeps asthma at bay: raw milk.

    People don’t need access to expensive vitamin supplements and herbs if they have access to a cow or goat.

    Recent research in Switzerland backs this up: children who consumed raw milk had 41% lower rates of asthma and 50% lower rates of allergies.

    But of course, so-called “primitive” religious sects in America have known this for a long time. Asthma is almost unknown in Amish and Mennonite sects. This is probably only partially the result of the raw milk they tend to consume, but also as a result of less exposure to many of the chemicals, pollutants, and artificial food ingredients that are known asthma triggers.

    This would lead one to believe that the same may be true in poor, non-developing countries. Indeed, it appears that of the top-15 countries for asthma, only one would be considered poor. (Unfortunately, poor developing countries suffer many of the same environmental and pollution insults that developed countries do.)

    My recommendation is that poor countries stop industrializing, and rather return to traditional diets and ways of living. Then, their asthma will disappear.

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