How do plastic water bottles pollute our water?



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    Plastic water bottles pollute ground water in the environment for a variety of reasons.  Americans use about 29 million bottles of water every year and this uses 17 million barrells of crude oil.  If the plastic bottles are not recycled and are thrown out instead, this oil and the other chemicals will degrade and seep into the ground of landfills and into the groundwater.  If you are talking about the water in the bottle itself, it is possible that after a long enough time the chemicals from the bottle can seep into your water, but this takes many many years to do and should not worried about.

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    Well, when they aren’t recycled, and are simply thrown in the trash, they use up valuable space in landfills. When someone doesn’t even care enough to put it in a trash can, this happens:






     There are other places like this, all over the world. In addition, the chemicals in the plastic can leech into the water, which is harmful for everyone involved.

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    Now we also have the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a giant sargasso of plastic trash (like water bottles) killing fish out in the Pacific Ocean

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