How do plastic bags harm marine life?



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    Plastic bags are incredibly harmful to marine life, killing as many as 100,000 animals per year.

    Marine animals can become entangled in the bags and choke or suffocate inside of them, and other animals may swallow bags or parts of bags, mistaking them for food.

    Many other plastics are responsible for harming marine life as well.

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    Plastic bags and plastics in general are also contributing to what is known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” located in the North Pacific.  It is a dispersed aqutic landfill about twice the size of Texas that contains tiny floating bits of photodegraded plastic debris.  There are actually multiple garbage patches located throughout the oceans, posing a hazard to wildlife located in places such as the Subtropical Convergence Zone, where endangered species such as sea turtles and the Hawaiiman monk seal live.

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