How do plants save the earth?



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    In general, I would say that plants aren’t so much saving the planet as they are a necessary part of the planet; they are certainly necessary to Earth’s survival, but they are not going to save the planet from human pollution.

    There is some interesting research about how plants control CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels, for natural amounts of COthat are released by volcanos.  Plants help draw excess CO2 down into the soil; when the weather gets too cold, the plants basically shut down and can’t do this anymore.  That extra CO2 in the atmosphere, because plants aren’t removing it, may have helped prevent the Earth from completely freezing over in the last ice age.

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    Plants have nothing whatever to do with Earth’s survival as a planet; life is a minor afterthought compared to the planet as a whole. If you mean with regard to life, see Ashleigh’s answer.

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