How do non native plant species hurt animal populations?



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    They threaten the biodiversity of the animal’s environment. Their most significant effect can be seen in their competition or predation with other species that the animal needs to survive. For example, non native plants  can eliminate the food or habitat of plants which the animal depends on.

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    Non-native plants may not have the necessary nutrients for the animal feeding on them because they are not from the same location and have not evolved together. Alternatively, the plant may not have any natural defenses against the animal and may provide a good food source. However, the non-native plant may outcompete the native plants and lower the biodiversity of the plot. If the animal depends sole on one or two species to eat and the introduce plant outcompetes them the animal will be out of food and may decline in numbers, even to extinction, or leave the area in search of food. This then disrupts predators that feed on the animal and begins a cascade of the ecosystem.

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