How do pizza places hurt the environment?



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    I can’t think of a reason why pizza places would hurt the environment more than any other restuarant or business.  I suppose if they burn wood in the oven, it emits a negligible amount of CO2 (burning two candles emits more CO2 than running a light bulb for an hour).  Basically I’m saying that pizza places don’t hurt the environment.

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    As getwithrico said, a pizza place is about as harmful to the environment as any other food service business. Carboard pizza boxes are biodegradable, but it still takes energy to manufacture them. It also takes energy to deliver the pizza, but some pizza places are using hybrid or other low-impact vehicles.

    Another thing you might want to consider is the ingredients that pizza places or restaurants use. Most food service places use conventional produce rather than certified organic produce, meaning that they are promoting the use of heavy pesticides. You can probably make an organic pizza at home more easily than you can find a company to sell you one.

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    Wow, Pizza Fusion, whose motto is “Saving the Earth One Pizza at a Time”, has an amazing list of what they have done in their stewardship of the earth. The list is too long to mention here so check it out!  Corporate headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida and they offer franchise locations. It seems they have covered every angle.

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