how do people travel on the nile



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    Largely the way people have travelled for 1,000s of years: By ship. The major difference now is that in addition to rowed ships or ships using sails, ships powered by engine have been added.

    The Nile is navigable in Sudan only in three stretches, because of cataracts north of Khartoum. Over those stretches, all kinds of transport is used, from feet to dragging boats over the land!

    The Nile is often crocodile-infested, so swimming is not always practical.

    The Nile is on average 8-11 meters deep.

    The first URL below has an interesting little table comparision between the Nile and the Amazon.

    The second article is the Britannica article. Long, well-written, and interesting, this one!

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    Most people travel along the Nile by boat, whether with a cruise tour or in a single-man rowboat.  People have also been known to use the banks of the Nile as a bicycle tour route, and several guided tours along the Nile make use of both boats and land vehicles.

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