How do people protect the environment?



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    People have been using different methods when it comes to protecting the environment. Recycling seems to be the most popular choice. Many people also avoid using plastics as they are quite hard to recycle. Others have been doing their part in conserving energy by switching to energy efficient appliances. Many people have also discovered that they can cut back on emissions by walking or commuting instead of driving. Finally, many people have switched to all natural based products as opposed to those made with chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

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    Another way is to support an organization like the WWF.  If you don’t know what your doing, give financial support to people who do! (not saying that you don’t know how…just helpful advice) 

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    The best way to protect the environement is to conserve.  Simply turning off the water when you are not using it, like when you are brushing your teeth, can help a lot.  Washing your car on the grass can give the water back to your grass instead of letting it run down the concrete.  Also, reusing things instead of throwing them out after one use not only helps your wallet, but you will help in reducing the amount of product that are using that comes from nature.  Remember that when you reduce your use of products, you not only save, for example, paper, but you are also saving the amount of energy that was put into making that product.  When less energy is used to make product, then our environment is cleaner (less pollution from factories and trucks).  As you can see, a little goes a long way! 

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