How do people make money from trash?



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    Within everyday trash there are many types of materials that can be recycled( plastics paper, metals). Once these materials are reclaimed and processed they can be integrated into entirely new products which are then sold for profit.

    Another way people may make money off of trash is if you are a trash collector such as a “garbage man”, citizens pay you to remove and properly dispose of their trash.

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    Take recyclable materials such as soda cans and turn them in for money.

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    Adding to what everyone else already mentioned, there are many ways that you can make money from trash. One way is that you can help raise money for a charity or environmental organization by picking up trash on beaches, community lots, etc, or by just recycling. Recycling also has money earning potential for yourself, as well as the company taking the trash. I found a website that explains this more in the United Kingdom; it had many good examples of organizations taking waste and turning it into something better. 

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