How do panda bears protect themselves from danger?



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    Like any animal, a giant panda is capable of fighting back when cornered – and although they are not normally aggressive, they have large claws that can inflict some damage.  Rather than fighting, however, pandas are more likely to escape from danger by climbing up a tree.  This is their main defense against predatory animals like brown bears and wild dogs (which don’t climb well), and leopards (which can climb, but are less likely to pursue a large animal when it’s in a tree).  Although giant pandas are good at climbing, they don’t do it very often unless they feel threatened and are trying to escape from danger.

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    Panda bears do not have any natural predators in the wild. Inhabiting the dense bamboo forests of Asia means that no large predators can get to them, which means they do not have many natural defenses. They do have claws and teeth they will use to fight with if they have to, but they are typically shy creatures, since they do not have any fierce rivals or competition.

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