How do organizations raise public awareness about the environmental damages done by humans?



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    There are lots of different ways organizations can get the word out about issues and topics they are passionate about.  For one, the advent of social media has helped organizations advertise and spread the word without spending very much or any money at all.  Programs like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn have given organizations almost limitless advertising and spread-the-word opportunities.  What’s also great about social media is the ability to customize and tailor to specific audiences and target groups of people. 

    The age-old marketing technique of billboards, TV and radio commercials (or commercials on things like Pandora and YouTube) are also popular as well as print advertisements in magazines, newspapers, and fliers. 

    Lastly, word-of-mouth advertising is often underestimated but can be extremely powerful, especially when people feel very strongly one way or the other.  Think of it this way.  What do you do when you need a new dentist, mechanic, or even pizza place?  You ask people, right?  You’re more likely to go to a business if it has been recommended to you (even if you don’t even know the recommender!).  There’s just something more comfortable about doing something that someone else has already done. 

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    I also think that a good marketing technique is giving the public shock value. For example, Al Gore made a documentary called An Inconvenient Truth, which used a lot of shock value to wake up Americans that were in denial about global warming. Things really start to hit home when you see your house under water due to rising sea levels. Documentaries do a great job at showing an issue and advocating for change. 

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