How do net zero homes manage their energy output?



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    Net zero or Passive House as they are called in Europe, use thick insulation 5 to 12 inches thick polystyrene and treble glazed windows to control the loss of heat from the property.

    One key issue is the loss of heat through the structure by conduction, careful construction ensures that there is no direct route from the inside Comfort Zone to the outside air.

    At the same time care is taken to ensure there are no holes in the walls, floors or ceilings that the passing air may be sucked through. As the rooms are air tight some form of forced ventilation is required.

    The Comfort Zone is heated by the sun, all windows face south and the heat from the occupants bodies and the lighting and electrical equipment in the home, some times there are small, less than 1000- watt heaters added to the ventilation system to add a bit of warmth.

    Net Zero and Passive House systems only work in States that are medium cold or cold, they do not work in practice in places that are warm or hot.

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