How do national parks protect their wild life from poachers?



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    The only way that poaching can be enforced is by ranger enforcement. However, due to budget cuts, poaching problems cannot always be avoided. If you Google “Poaching in National Parks” you’ll get many news articles which talk about this problem and how individual parks are dealing with this issue as it arises. It is a sad, but common problem in our nation’s national parks.

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    Different national parks collaborate with their state and federal governement in different programs to protect their wildlife from poachers. Many national parks have anti-poaching programs like “report-a-poacher” hotline for supporters to call.

    Here are a couple ways other nations have been defending their wildlife:

    The Canadian federal government will reduce the threats that poaching and illegal trade pose to domestic and foreign wildlife conservation by introducing the Wild Animal and Plant Protection Act.

    In Kenya, to protect elephants and other endangered species from poachers, the national parks confine these animals within park boundaries.

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