How do missionaries in foreign countries help the environment?



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    There are many different kinds of missionaries and many different missionary groups. Missionary groups are generally recognized as religious groups that leaving their congregation to go out in the world to accomplish some task. How far away they go, whether it is just into a different community in their area or to a different country varies. What kind of work they do whether it is building churches or schools or helping in environmental protection or just converting is different for every group as well. The groups that are helping the environment are groups that go to foriegn countries and join movements to create clean water sources, or more sustainable aggriculture, or help presevere a natural space. The work that missionaries do is generally social in its focus, but soemtimes helps the environment also.

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    There are some missionaries that bring along with them green technologies that assist in their goals of social improvement.  Groups such as the Camillian Missionaries have created a photovoltaic system to capture solar energy for the mission in Consolata Hospital in Nkubu, Africa.  This project helps the hospital save money on energy so they can focus their financial resources on healing the sick.  Not all missionaries have a green agenda as this one, but many do find ways to provide in their own ways.

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    Many missionaries spread environmental practices worldwide, from basic agricultural education to advanced eco-minded applications, organizations everywhere are helping to restore the world to its lush, green state. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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