How do mines control runoff?



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    Diverting surface water above a mined site to decrease the amount of water entering the mined area is highly recommended in acid-producing areas. This technique can control water volume and direction and minimize the effects of acid mine drainage (AMD) on receiving streams. Surface diversion of runoff involves construction of drainage ditches to move surface water quickly off the site before infiltration or to limit its movement into the backfill. Covers can also be constructed from natural or man-made materials that retard or divert the movement of water and oxygen into areas containing acid-producing rock.

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    They place sediment control devices to catch the runoff. All of the cuttings from the rocks are placed in pits encased with geomembranes so these rocks that contain heavy metals and other toxics into the watershed. The containment system for cuttings is similar to landfills. Every development, including mines, must have detention and retention ponds in order to control the runoff so that the rate of flow off the site after the construction is equivalent to the flow prior to construction. Of course the strictness of these guidelines varies by location, but in the US, the EPA regulates this since it is a mine.

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