How do manufacturers account for their waste?



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    Manufacturers must have their own policies when it comes to managing their waste. They have to ensure that their waste is handled responsibly and not just dumped wherever they find it convenient. However, responsible waste management can be quite costly. As a result, most manufacturers hire other companies to take care of this problem for them. For example, some e-waste recyclers send their waste to Asia because the labor there is cheaper. But since not all companies there have the right equipment to dispose of these wastes responsibly, they do it the only way the know how and end up causing more damage to the environment. There is an interesting documentary on this issue which can be found here:

    Another example of the dangers of irresponsible waste management was a story recently featured in the news. The story claims that jean manufacturers such as The Gap have been dumping their waste into the bodies of water around their factories in Mexico. The blue dye they use for their pants have ended up in the waters of Mexico causing all kinds of health problems for the residents nearby.

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