How do large buildings try to heat themselves more efficiently?



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    Well first I would say that heating efficiently is only a piece of the larger goal of regulating temperature effectively. i say this because it would be very easy to heat a building efficiently but you may never be able to cool it. Temperature regulation can be achieved by design principles in conjunction with intelligent operation. Some of the things that can be done include designing to regulate the temperature of the occupants rather than the temperature of the building as a whole. By doing this the amount of waste energy to heat  an unused space is reduced. Some design strategies for this include design the building with the same principles you would design a ventilation system. (ie the building becomes the ducts of the ventilation system and windows and doors become the zones of pressure differences that create natural air flow.) Additionally, localizing climate control to a personal level will increase efficiency and effectiveness of the overall system. An example of this is placing thermostats and sensors in individual rooms or work stations so that people can regulate the temperature with personal preference and the sensors are actually where the temperature regulation is needed. Another principle is, instead of sealing the building from the the outdoors, use the natural cooling and heating cycles of the environment. By taking advantage of these cycles the building will perform much more effectively than using artificial systems that require energy inputs.

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