How do jellyfish see?



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    A jellyfish can have as many as 24 eyes or more. Some of the eyes are simple, while others have specialized lenses that gives them a vast field of vision. They aren’t really able to focus on objects because it is more useful for them to have a wider range of vision.

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    Most jellyfish, or sea jellies, have eye spots that can differentiate between light and dark. The box jellyfish, has 24 eyes that are more like what we think of as eyes, each complete with with lens, cornea, and retina. But they do not have a nervous system, so it is still unknown how they interpret visual stimuli.

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    Well, jellyfish don’t have eyes in the traditional sense. They have clusters of light sensitive cells which can determine obstacles, prey, etc. The most complex jellyfish known, the box jellyfish, has a more traditional set of eye-like structures, though they’re not arranged to look like a typical eye (see box jellyfish picture below). However, jellyfish are without nervous systems, so it’s assumed that these structures run on “automatic pilot” — that is, that they absorb information without processing it and surrounding muscles react accordingly.

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