How do jellyfish navigate?



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    Jellyfish have a nerve net that senses touch and are able to use their tentacles for navigational purposes. Most also have light-sensitive ocelli so that they know which way is up, toward the sun or moonlight.  Box jellyfish have eyes that they use for navigation.

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    Jelly fish swim by contracting their bell shaped body. When they open it it fills with water, then the close it quickly and are pushed forward. But they also just float around with the currents. 

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    Jellyfish actually have limited control of where they go.  Much of their movement is a result of the natural movemetns of the ocean.  Their skeleton is hydrodtatic, and they can create pulsations within it.  These contractions help jellyfish to move in the direction they want to go.  Some species of jellyfish swim most of the time, while others move with the ocean most of the time.

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    Jellyfish or Cnidarians can be broken into four classes: Scyphozoa, Staurozoa, Cubozoa and Hydrozoa. One commonality among the jellyfish is that none of them have a central nervous system (they are also void of circulatory, respiratory and osmoregulatory sytems) they are unable to determine water temperature, or any kind of directional bearing in the ocean (or body of freshwater). Jellyfish therefore are subject to any sort of oceanic movement which my affect their current position in the ocean.

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    Jellyfish move by using the muscles that are located as a ring at its base.  They contract these muscles, squeezing water out of their umbrella-like brim, thus propelling forward. 

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