How do jellyfish eat?



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    There are many different species of sea jellies (aka jelly fish). Many are filter feeders, taking in water, zooplankton and small shrimp into their bell. Others can eat larger prey, including other sea jellies. The Sea Nettle spreads it’s tentacles out around it as it swims and when one comes into contact with prey, nematocysts explode sending toxins into the prey, paralyzing it and enabling the sea jelly to draw it into the bell with its tentacles.

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    The diet of a jellyfish consists of small fish, zooplankton, sea creature eggs, crustaceans, and sometimes other jellyfish. Some chase after their prey, but most just eat what drifts by them. Their tentacles contain lots of cnidocytes, which have stinging capsules. When something goes through their tentacles the capsules are released, which stick to the animal and release paralyzing venom. The jellyfish is then able to move the stunned food into it’s mouth, where it is eaten and digested. 

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