How do I unclog my drain using products in my home?



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    Drain cleaners, as you probably already know, are very bad for the environment. Not only are they filled with caustic chemicals, but you have to use bottles upon bottles of the stuff to unclog drains, and you are left with bottles of plastic waste.

    Avoid using drain cleaners in the first place by throwing solid food in the trash or compost and using a sink trap to keep food from going down the drain. Also, don’t pour cooking grease or oil down the drain. This will cool and form a solid substance that narrows, and eventually blocks, your pipes.

    To clear already blocked pipes, add a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar to a large pot of boiling water. Immediately pour the fizzy mixture down the drain to dissolve clogs. Flush with tap water.

    To maintain clean drain pipes, pour a pot of boiling water down the drain once a week. If these solutions using household products don’t work, look for an eco-friendly drain cleaner as a drano alternative.


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    There are a few options for homemade drain cleaners. To clean the drain on a regular basis, pour 4 liters of water and a 1/2 cup of salt. For very clogged drains pour a quarter cup (1/4) of baking soda down the drain followed by a half cup of white vinegar. Close the drain until the fizzing stops and flush it with hot water. To prevent having to use this combination, frequently flush the drain with the water and salt combination.  

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