How do I take a tick out of myself?



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    The best way to remove a tick is to slowly and gently remove it using tweezers or the like.  Be careful not to crush the tick because it may spread bacteria or germs.  Wash hands and the skin area afterwards as well.

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    In the boondocks of Ohio (where I’m from) People remove ticks by taking a lighter and burning it.  Obviously DO NOT burn yourself.  The reason you do not want to use tweezers is because you can kill the tick.  You are the host for the tick. It wants to feed off of you.  When you pull it with a tweezer, it usually will not take it’s fangs (more like suckers) out of your bloodstream, and people end up just crushing them and only removing the back half of the tick.  You want to burn them so they un-lodge themselves from your skin.  You don’t want to have the tick still in you because of risk of infection. 

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