How do I stop deadly feather pecking in my chickens?

they are going for the bottom feathers around the vent. some of the hens have died because of a misplaced peck tearing the muscle around the vent. bloody feathers, and a generally unpleasant thing to experience for all parties involved. Wondering if others have some experience with this kind of deadly pecking.



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    There are many reasons and theories about why chickens may begin aggressively pecking at each other. Lots of pecking could indicate a nutritional deficiency in your chickens. Make sure that they are receiving a varied and wholesome diet. Also, ensure that they have adequate space and are not overcrowded. If one chicken seems to be causing more problems than the others, remove it. High levels of stocking seem to be the number-one cause for this behavior, so make sure that you are not keeping too many chickens in one space.

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    this usually happens when your chickens are contained too closely and don’t have room to live. It is sort of your chickens literally getting Cabin Fever. You need to give them space to roam, space to live.  They are living things, you can’t treat them like a commodity 

    Watch the video called Meet your Meat, I have a link below. it will explain more to you.


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