How do I start an urban composting program in my town?



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     Urban composting is getting any materials that can be decomposed into a garden to help the soil (food waste, newspaper, grass clippings, dead leaves), and gathering it to be used for that purpose. Some cities have their own mass composting system set up, though if you live in a building or apartment you might have to ask your building manager if that service is provided to your location (or ask them if they would be willing to provide it). The only thing you really need for composting is somewhere to store your composting materials. If its indoors, a small container is fine, if outdoors you might want to find something animal resistant so the local wildlife wont get into it. 

    If you dont have a yard to dump your compost in, there are plenty of other options. You can offer to donate your compost to an urban gardening center, make a container garden, do some guerrilla composting in your neighborhood or check if a neighbor nearby has a garden they might like the extra compost for. There are also many places online you can find to sell or give away your compost. 

    There are many places online to start groups as well, and groups that are already established to help you with tips. 

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